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Field Recordings from the Future
'Mushroom Farm' (Music Video)

In 2022, Rob Hopkins, a climate activist and co-founder of Transition Network approached musician Mr.Kit to create an album. He came with an offering of various field recordings that he had made while on a tour of some of Europe's most promising climate-saving initiatives. Trying to avoid the current 'doom and gloom' rehotoric, Field Recordings From The Future aim to challenge perspectives and shine a light on the positive work being done to combat climate breakdown. Shot on location in an underground mushroom farm facilty run by Permafungi in Brussels, the music video follows Mr. Kit and Rob Hopkins travelling in their time-machine to a future that is deeply re-imagining itself in response to the climate emergency.  Video to be released soon! 

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Credit: Direction, Cinematography, Editing.

Field Recordings From The Future - SK Film+Video
Photo: Alice Carfrae
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